Update on status
and strategy


our strategic pillars


Maximise diverse portfolio

Maximise diverse portfolio


Continuous broadening of service and product basket

Offer cost-effective solutions in a constrained operating environment

  • We consolidated and modernised operational sites in Electrical, Office & Print and Services to improve efficiency and costs
  • Introduced new technology such as autonomous brooms in Noonan and tracking chips in Renttech
  • We broadened our financial services offering with asset management, financial emigration and other services

Responsible stewardship



Deliver sustainable solutions

Add value to customers

Develop people to grow the talent pool

Adapt our business model to unique SA environment

  • 82 employees participated in our Bidvest Academy and Executive Development programmes
  • R602m was invested in developing our people
  • Electech commissioned a solution that removed SA's biggest laundry from the water and power grid

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Maintain strong financial position

Maintain strong financial position


Drive strong cash generation

Focus on tight asset management

Ample capacity to accommodate expansion

Dispose of non-core assets

  • R9.4bn cash was generated
  • 0.8x net debt to EBITDA leaves ample room for expansion
  • No non-core assets were disposed. It remains a key focus area

Allocate capital to grow

capital to grow


Invest in relevant SA infrastructure

Expand internationally in Services and Commercial Product niches

Broaden product offering via acquisitions

  • Our maiden offshore acquisition, Noonan, became effective 1 September 2018
  • Bolt-on acquisitions totalled R682m
  • 11 multi-purpose storage tanks were commissioned
  • The earthworks were completed and the specialist steel rolled for an LPG project in Richards Bay. The project is on track for commissioning mid-2020
  • Many acquisitive opportunities were assessed with some still being considered, while others were declined as we remain steadfast in our acquisition disciplines. We continue to seek opportunities within our target set