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We are firm believers in the future growth and development of South Africa and we continue to seek opportunities for expansion to ensure that we create value where our roots are embedded.

We are committed to a cause that extends beyond financial profits

Bidvest has a diversified and enviable blend of defensive, cyclical and growth assets, which are intentionally large with a level of market-leading status across the South African business spectrum. As one of the largest employers in the country, and as a Group that by nature covers virtually all industry sectors, it is our prerogative to ensure that we contribute to the success of our nation.

Despite a decentralised operating model, we have a unified understanding throughout the Group of what needs to be achieved to ensure ongoing success. We acknowledge a duty to share the value we create and, by so doing, meet the responsibilities we have to contribute to economic and social development and give back to our people and our planet.

Conducting business in a sustainable manner is therefore entrenched into our day-to-day activities. Given the decentralised and diversity of the businesses, sustainability is managed at operating level. From a Group perspective, we identified a set of material issues that are common throughout our businesses:


Bidvest family     Drive positive social change    

Caring for the
Bidvest family


Drive positive social


Doing business in an
environmentally friendly

We aim to provide a safe and healthy workplace with equal opportunities conducive to learning and personal development. We want our employees to be proud Bidvest ambassadors.

Employees (%)

Bid family 1

Growth enables us to
create employment

Total spend on
skills development
amounted to

Bid family icon 2

fatalities and

security guards
killed in line of duty
in 2018


We are also able to
cultivate the new
generation of future
Bidvest employees
through the awarding of

7 485

Bid family icon 3

4 503
learnerships were
issued to unemployed
learners and

were employed


We are involved in community development that enhances education, health, economic inclusion and diversity. Investing in communities and human capital, affords us the opportunity to operate, do business in and draw skills from the communities in which we operate.

Social icon   Social icon

Total socio-economic
spend of


with 49% going towards

Empower local business
through outsourcing
key services
to local


spend on sports


We focus on energy and water efficiency, responsible waste management and offering innovative solutions to aid customer sustainability. In FY19 we will continue our initiatives to improve water use; accelerate renewable energy installations and responsible waste management.

    Environmental icon 2

Our business growth has
not increased our
environmental impact

Environmental icon

We emitted low carbon
emissions. Scope 1
emissions reduced by


We used

2 095

mega-litres of water,
13% less than last year

We recycled

6 500 tonnes

of hazardous waste and
treated more than

400 000 kl

of wastewater

Case study

Powered by the sun – Electech solution

Bidvest Laundry Group has led the field in total laundry solutions in South Africa for more than 35 years. It offers factories, mines, hotels and hospitals a comprehensive laundry service tailored to their exact requirements. As an ISO 9001 accredited operation, quality, consistency and reliability are hallmarks of the service it provides.

Bidvest Laundry Group has led the field in total laundry solutions for over 35 years


Keen focus on “Green Economy”


A grid-tied, roof-mounted solar photovoltaic panel system to harvest freely available energy was designed and engineered


Bidvest Spartan Laundry solar system will generate over 730 MWh per annum


CO2 emissions reduced by 730 tons each year

Along with its ISO quality management listing, Bidvest Laundry only utilises top of the range SABS-approved chemicals. Additionally, it views the protection of the environment as an essential element of the way its laundries run. To this end, it has introduced various green policies such as water recycling and fuel and chemical efficiencies while working towards reduced electricity consumption.

This keen focus on the "Green Economy" is what led the Group to commission, devise and install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system at its laundry in Spartan, near Johannesburg. Spurred on by the increase in electricity prices over the past three years and by the desire to reduce the carbon footprint of the Spartan laundry, Bidvest decided to develop a Green Energy solution.

The laundry consumes just over two gigawatt hours of power per annum and Bidvest was determined to reduce this power appetite.

But how? Electech Renewable Solutions, a division of Voltex, which forms part of Bidvest Electrical, stepped up to the mark and together with Sunworx designed and engineered a grid-tied, roof-mounted solar PV panel system to harvest the freely available energy from the sun. This uniquely designed system has proved a perfect fit for reducing the high annual power costs of an energy intensive plant. The laundry's large roof area was ideal for the installation of PV cells and, what's more, Bidvest could offset carbon dioxide credits against using coal-fired boilers. This green energy solution generates electricity via solar PV panels which are connected through string boxes bringing direct current electrical output produced by the solar panels to inverters. These convert the output to alternating current which is then used to operate the laundry.

In the Spartan project, a total of 1440 Jinko solar panels rated at 325 Watts each were connected via 720 SolarEdge PV Optimisers feeding 16 grid-tied SolarEdge Inverters. The roof mounting structure was provided by Schletter and the balance of the equipment came entirely from the Voltex group. The Spartan solar system has a predicted operational life of at least 25 years with an expected payback period for the capital investment of under six years.

A major advantage of the equipment supplied to the Spartan site by Electech Renewable Solutions is that the SolarEdge Optimisers increase PV panel performance and allows for monitoring and troubleshooting down to panel level. The Bidvest Spartan Laundry solar system will generate over 730 megawatt hours of electricity per annum and reduce CO2 emissions by 730 tons each year.

The design and installation by Electech Renewable Solutions and Sunworx has paved the way for Bidvest to install similar solar systems at its properties across South Africa, where appropriate. In addition, installing solar power will reward the company with immediate energy-saving and carbon-emission credits while economies of scale and technology enhancements will decrease capital expenditure and operational costs.

The laundry at Spartan is but the first of many green energy projects that Bidvest plans to undertake to harness energy from the African sun.

Solar panels


Corporate social investment case studies

Music Popularisation Programme

The Yamaha Music Popularisation Programme aims to develop and promote music education and music popularisation within various government education systems internationally.


Yamaha distributors have facilitated the supply of recorders, study material and the roll out of the programme to 12 schools within KwaZulu-Natal at both Grade 3 and Grade 4 level. More than 40 local teachers undergo constant training and lesson observation by Yamaha's core trainers on a weekly basis.

Schools and principals have noticed a significant improvement in school attendance, classroom discipline and even academic improvement amongst young learners who participate in the programme.


In early 2018, the SOS Children's Village in Nelspruit adopted the Music Popularisation Programme and currently two core trainers are teaching 53 orphaned children housed at the village.

The programme is now on the brink of launching in the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria areas, with planning under way to launch into three schools in Pretoria and two schools in Johannesburg during early 2019.

Thembisa Hospital Refurbishment

Bidvest Facilities Management contributed to the refurbishment and fit out of the Surgical Out Patient Department Wound Care Clinic at Thembisa Hospital.

Denis van Olst Trust

King Pie in collaboration with the Pretoria Eye Institute is assisting children diagnosed with strabismus, a vision condition in which a person cannot align both eyes simultaneously.

Since 2014, King Pie and Pretoria Eye Institute have been working together to make a permanent change the lives of children who have been diagnosed with Strabismus also known as crossed eyes which is a condition in which the eyes do not properly align with each other when looking at an object.

Kliptown Youth Programme

Bidvest Prestige has partnered with Kliptown Youth Programme to provide opportunities

The programme seeks to develop young and dynamic individuals who are willing to contribute effectively to the betterment of their community and focuses on nutrition support and academic tutoring. Since inception, the programme has had 20 of its beneficiary students proceed to university and has enjoyed a 100% pass rate of all its matriculants.

Khulangelwanti Primary School

BidAir has supported the Khulangelwanti Primary School in Nhlazatshe, Mpumalanga, to build ablution facilities, build a septic tank and to drill a borehole that will provide potable water to the school.

The Wot-if? Trust

Plumblink has supported the Wot-if? Trust operating in Diepsloot, which focuses on the empowerment of women and the youth.


The trust operates an eHUB which caters for young people with a talent or aptitude for Media and Tech and the monetisation of content (Music, Film, Stories, Photographs, Graphic Art, Blogs, Poetry, etc). Film-makers have been trained in preproduction, production and post production as well as how to pitch a film concept. Last year Plumblink and Wot-if? were involved in the production of a film in Diepsloot called "Voices of Faith" where learner crews and actors worked alongside professionals as part of a development and 'job shadowing' exercise.

Corporate social investment case studies