Since the Bidvest Group's formation in 1988, we have invested in South African trading, services and distribution businesses, and nurtured these companies to deliver above-average shareholder returns on an annual basis. It is our strategy to acquire "homegrown" South African businesses and apply a decentralised "entrepreneurial" operating model to generate wealth, sustainable job creation and meaningful contributions to society.

This strategy has continued successfully for 30 years, through the highs and lows of economic times, but the Group's vision, intent, leadership and quality assets has ensured that our direction and commitment remain true to its course. This is South African resolve at its best and has served our stakeholders well.

Looking back on the Group over the past 30 years, the one distinguishing characteristic that stands out is the people that make up the Bidvest family. This team of people has transformed a collection of homegrown South African businesses into industry leaders, which have delivered numerous benefits to a wide range of stakeholders and created more than 130 000 jobs.

Bidvest's roots are embedded in its home soil in South Africa. The strong capability and entrepreneurship of the Bidvest family will ensure another 30 years of exciting growth for this extraordinary Group.

Lindsay Ralphs

Lindsay Ralphs Chief executive

Bidvests roots are embedded in its home soil in South Africa.