Committed to good


Leading by example and in accordance with our values, our board of directors is well-positioned to guide us on our course.

The board's roles and responsibilities

The role of the board is regulated in a formal board charter, which defines its authority and power. While retaining overall accountability, the board has delegated authority to the chief executive to run the day-to-day affairs of the Group. The chief executive is supported by the executive management committee. The board also created subcommittees to enable it to discharge its duties and responsibilities properly and to fulfil its decision-making process effectively.

The board plays a pivotal role in strategy planning and establishing benchmarks to measure the Group's strategic objectives. Executive directors implement strategies and operational decisions. Non-executive directors provide an independent perspective and complement the skills and experience of executive directors. They objectively assess strategy, budgets, performance, resources, transformation, diversity, employment equity and standards of conduct.

Executive directors

Lindsay Ralphs 63
  Mpumi Madisa 39

  Mark Steyn 48
  Gillian McMahon 46

  Anthony Dawe 53


Our governing philosophy
is anchored in our values


Remuneration KPIs

Remuneration is a critical factor to attract, retain and motivate the entrepreneurial talent that is at the heart of Bidvest's strategic and operational objectives.

  • HEPS growth
  • ROFE
  • Total shareholder return
  • Strategic metrics
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Respect

At Bidvest, good governance permeates the entire organisation. Our philosophy is simple. We believe that stakeholders can only derive value from a business whose behavioural norms and everyday actions translate into honesty, integrity, accountability and respect. Call us "oldschool", but it's a recipe that has proven itself again and again. With a business as vast as Bidvest, it's important that we remain true to our values to ground ourselves in consistent delivery in both behaviour and action. We therefore embrace corporate governance as a way of life rather than a set of rules.


The diversity of our board strengthens its collective capabilities

Diversity graph

Independent non-executive directors

Lorato Phalatse 56
  Doug Band 74

  Bongi Masinga 51
  Tania Slabbert 51

  Eric Diack 61
Lead Independent director

Our commitment to King IV reflects our commitment to South Africa's future growth and development

We firmly believe that, with good leadership from both the public and private sector, South Africa's future is filled with prosperity. The board is therefore fully committed to the highest standards of governance and accountability, as recommended by King IV, and the delivery of outcomes such as an ethical culture, good performance, effective control and legitimacy.

Alex Maditsi 56

  Nigel Payne 58

  Nosipho Molope 54

Norman Thomson 67

  Renosi Mokate 60



Refer to our Annual Governance Report for full CVs

Key to committees

Nominations committee Audit committee Remuneration committee
Acquisitions committee Risk committee Social and ethics committee