Sustainability overview

Sustainability continues to be a focus for the Group. In the decentralised nature of the Bidvest Group, businesses have varying focus areas within their industries, which are monitored and addressed at the individual business levels as appropriate.

The Group’s landscape changed considerably over the last year and with this change, the opportunity was taken to reassess our sustainability goals and focus areas. From a Group perspective, we identified a core set of material issues that are common across all our industries which present risks and opportunities.

This new set of material issues will provide our grounding, which we will adjust and continue to address as the Group progresses on this new journey.

  Key performance indicator     Risk/opportunity
Group material issues for PEOPLE-related issues        
Health and safety Total number of people     Staff retention ensures businesses run efficiently
Total males     Gender equality
Total females      
Number of fatalities      
Lost-time injuries     A healthy, safe, happy workforce ensures business continuity
Lost-time injury frequency rate (LTIFR)      
Training Training spend     Growing and retaining productive employees
Our community CSI spend and investment     Investment in our communities continues to lead to new opportunities
Group material issues for PLANET-related issues        
  Total scope 1 (direct GHG emissions)     Impending carbon tax risk
  Total diesel and petrol usage     Continuous increase in the cost of fuels
Carbon emissions Total coal usage      
  Total HFO and IFO usage     Alternative fuels
  Total LPG/LNG usage      
Water Total water used     – Drought in South Africa
– Conservation of water

Future considerations for the Group:

  • Absenteeism and wellness
  • Electricity usage and spend and alternatives