The Bidvest Group

In 2016, the Bidvest Group restructured into seven divisions: Automotive, Commercial Products, Electrical, Financial Services, Freight, Office and Print and Services. The Group continues to hold an investment in Bidvest Namibia (52%) and other assets and investments including Bidvest Properties (100%), Adcock Ingram (38,4%), Comair (27,2%), Cullinan Holdings (19,5%), Ontime Automotive (100%) and the Mansfield Group (80%) in the United Kingdom, Mumbai Airport (6,75%).

Bidvest Group Highlights

Bidvest Services
A large and diverse division operating in numerous areas of service, with industry-leading brands as well as being South Africa’s foremost provider of, among other, cleaning, hygiene, security, travel and aviation services, airport lounges, cargo and ground handling.
Bidvest Namibia
Bidvest Namibia is listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange, and operates under two holding companies: Bidvest Namibia Fisheries Holdings (Bidfish) which is focused on the fishing industry in Namibia and Angola; and Bidvest Namibia Commercial Holdings (Bidcom).
The division consists of
103 unique sites and develops greenfields projects and acquires existing buildings in the industrial and commercial sectors of the property market.
Adcock Ingram (38,4%)
A leading South African pharmaceutical manufacturer. It manufactures, markets and distributes a wide range of healthcare products to both the private and public sectors of the market.
Ontime Automotive UK (100%)
The group operates a significant fleet of vehicles throughout Europe, offering car transport and a vehicle delivery service.
Bidvest Freight
Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest private sector freight services group, leaders in bulk liquids handling, shipment of bulk agricultural products, clearing and forwarding and a multipurpose terminal operator.
Bidfish operates one of Africa’s most efficient fishing fleets and has a product range that includes canned fish, oysters and various other products. Bidcom is divided into three divisions, namely Freight, Logistics, Marine Services and Material Handling; Food and Distribution; and Commercial and Industrial Services. Operating companies within Bidcom have a broad spectrum of well-recognised brands and an extended distribution network throughout Namibia.
The division supports Bidvest Group companies in their propertyrelated matters such as third-party lease negotiations and reviews, as well as building developments.
Comair (27,2%)
Operates a number of airline and travel-related brands such as, British Airways, SLOW lounges, Comair travel, Comair training centre and Food directions.
Mumbai Airport (6,75%)
The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport serves as one of India’s major international airports. It is the second busiest after Delhi Airport and is the primary international airport serving the Mumbai Metropolitan Area.
Bidvest Office and Print
Leading office brands and solution finders in office products, office furniture, technology and data, as well as print and packaging.
Cullinan Holdings (19,5%)
Operates in the areas of travel, tourism and leisure sectors (tour operators, travel agencies, coaching and touring), marine and boating and financial services (asset, marine and bridging finance).
The Mansfield Group (80%)
The United Kingdom’s largest dedicated vehicle rescue and recovery operator, also specialising in vehicle storage, repair and parking solutions.
Bidvest Automotive
The division is one of South Africa’s largest motor retailers and a major player in the car rental sector, and also includes the country’s biggest vehicle remarketing company.

“We subscribe to a philosophy of transparency, accountability, integrity, excellence and innovation in all our business dealings.”

Lindsay Ralphs – Chief executive

Bidvest Financial Services
A niche bank serving both businesses and individuals, and remains a major player in asset-based finance and foreign exchange. It also provides value-added insurance services.
Bidvest Commercial Products
Industry leaders in the provision of products and services to the consumer and industrial sectors, providing a range of consumer household products, as well as an industrial portfolio of forklifts, adhesives, fasteners, plumbing and other light industrial products.
Bidvest Electrical
South Africa’s most trusted source of electrical solutions with a division that supplies the country’s leading retail groups.