Business model

Capital inputs


Economic resources that fund our business, backed by a strong balance sheet that provides an ability to attract capital


Competitive advantage gained by our people through their knowledge and intellectual property together with our brand and reputation

The value we build through engagement, information sharing and working together with all stakeholders


The knowledge, skills, talents and experience of people that determine our capacity to accomplish goals


Our services capability, distribution centres, storage and handling facilities, branch network and other infrastructure that generates income


Ecosystems and natural assets, specifically, energy, fuel and water

We use our capital inputs to help us carry out activities that align to our vision:

To turn ordinary companies into extraordinary performers, delivering strong and consistent shareholder returns in the process, while understanding that people create wealth, companies only report it.

Strategic pillars

Maximise diverse portfolio

Maintain strong financial position

Allocate capital to grow

Responsible stewardship

See Update on strategy for more details about our strategic performance

An intimate understanding of the factors that drive value enables us to identify areas of strategic focus to deliver value.

See Material focus areas, risks and opportunities for more details about our material matters and risks

Bidvest operates a diversified, highly entrepreneurial and decentralised model with teams that are empowered to grow their respective businesses. Transparency, excellence and innovation forms the basis of all business dealings.

Profit drivers

Revenue   Cost

Provision of business and financial services

Handling and distribution of cargo and materials

Provision and distribution of products

Retailing of vehicles


Employees and other stakeholders

Sourcing, procurement and logistics

Natural resources: energy,
water, fuel

Capital expenditure

Regulatory and compliance

Exchange rates

We accrue revenue from implementing our growth drivers across six core divisions

See Divisional reports for Divisional reviews

Capital outcomes

R9bn cash generated from operations.

2.1x net debt/EBITDA.

Bidvest Bank launched online forex and money transfer app.

Noonan introduced scalable integrated smart building solution.

ALICE, a digital auditor, is now commercially available as a software-as-a-service on Microsoft’s AppSource.

R167m spent on enterprise and supplier development.

Cleaned and decontaminated almost 2 794 schools in nationwide school readiness project.

Sponsored the launch of Woza Matric 2020, a free-to-air television education program aimed at grade 12 learners.

Succession and talent management resulted in 66% of management positions filled by black candidates.

Mpumi Madisa was appointed CEO 1 October.

R400m Bidvest COVID-19 fund supported the income of our employees that could not work during the national lockdown.

R1bn LPG project in Richards Bay commissioned successfully.

26% increase in “green” electricity used and 3% decrease in scope 1 emissions.

27% less water used over the past 5 years.

Recycled 200 000 tons of waste.