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The Bidvest Group Limited
Annual report 2006
Financial highlights and results
The history of Bidvest
Our Group in brief
Consolidated segmental analysis
Performance at a glance
Geographical footprint
External appraisals
Chairman's statement
Chief executive's report
Financial director's report
Review of operations
Summarised sustainability report
Corporate governance
Financial statements
Management directory
Shareholders' diary
Executive directors | Independent non-executive directors | Non-executive directors | Committees
as at September 1 2006
Group executive committee
B Joffe (chairman), FJ Barnes, BL Berson, MC Berzack, DE Cleasby, AW Dawe, SG Pretorius, LP Ralphs
South African executive committee
B Joffe (chairman), MC Berzack, NW Birch, DE Cleasby, AW Dawe, MBN Dube, LI Jacobs, CH Kretzmann, L Madikizela, SG Mahlalela, P Nyman, SG Pretorius, LP Ralphs, AC Salomon
Audit committee
JL Pamensky (chairman), DDB Band, DE Cleasby, RW Graham, D Masson, BE Moffat, P Nyman, NG Payne, AC Salomon
Risk committee
NG Payne (chairman), FJ Barnes, BL Berson, MC Berzack, NW Birch, DE Cleasby, AW Dawe, CH Kretzmann, D Masson, P Nyman, SG Pretorius, LP Ralphs, AC Salomon
Remuneration committee
DDB Band (chairman), DE Cleasby, D Masson, P Nyman, JL Pamensky
Acquisition committee
DDB Band (chairman), MC Berzack, DE Cleasby, B Joffe, D Masson, JL Pamensky, LP Ralphs
Nomination committee
DDB Band (chairman), B Joffe, JL Pamensky, MC Ramaphosa, T Slabbert
Transformation committee
MBN Dube (chairman), MC Berzack, NW Birch, AW Dawe, MJ Finger, LI Jacobs, B Joffe, CH Kretzmann, SG Mahlalela, SG Pretorius, LP Ralphs, T Slabbert, FDP Tlakula
Board composition  
Female 25,0%
Male 75,0%
White 70,8%
Black 29,2%
Local 91,7%
Foreign 8,3%
Executive 50,0%
Independent non-executive 29,2%
Non-executive 20,8%
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