The Bidvest Group Limited
Annual report 2009


The following is a list of the additional sustainability information that we have provided on our internet version of the annual report. This information should be read together with the annual report in its entirety and is provided for an enhanced view of sustainability at Bidvest. In a decentralised environment it is important to note that sustainability is integrated and specific to the different divisions.

This information can be accessed in context by linking to it from the relevant sections in the annual report wherever the following icon is displayed.

  1. Full sustainability report   12. Bid Industrial and Commercial Products
  2. Broad-based black  economic empowerment   13. Bidpaper Plus
  3. GRI G3 index   14. Bid Auto
  4. Assurance report [PDF - 76kb]   15. Bidvest Namibia
  5. Bidfreight   16. Corporate
  6. Bidserv   17. Corporate governance
  7. Bidvest Europe   18. A closer look at internal audit
  8. Bidvest Asia Pacific   19. A closer look at risk management
      20. A closer look at the remuneration committee
  Bidfood   21. A closer look at the audit committee
    9.   Bidfood (Caterplus)   22. Transformation at Bidvest [PDF - 330kb]
    10. Bidfood (Speciality)
  23. The Bidvest Dinatla Trust
    11. Bidfood Ingredients (BFI)