Strategic focus

Where we’re going

We are a divisionalised operationally active investment holding company specialising in distributive trades – market-leading service, trading and distribution businesses.

  Freight management; outsourced soft-services; foodservice and food ingredients; automotive retailing and fleet management; industrial and commercial products.  

  Strategy     Implementation
  Own the cash flows   Manage businesses actively and successfully
  Mastery of the distribution channel   Maintain decentralised channels and reach common customers
  Anticipate the future   The need to be increasingly flexible and adaptable, to explore new opportunities and directions while taking risks on a calculated basis
  Stick to basics   Collect the book, manage payment of creditors and manage the returns on investment
  Opportunistic and acquisitive   Remain constantly alert for acquisition in various geographies
  2010   Eagerly anticipate Group-wide opportunities the FIFA World Cup offers. A number of South African-based Bidvest companies have signed contracts in place
  Balance of mature and growth businesses   Build and retain market leadership
  Management focus     Implementation
  Never waste a crisis   A proactive approach to global challenges could describe the Bidvest approach, refitting the businesses for a new future
  Financial disciplines and allocation
of funds
  Working capital and return on funds employed
  Restructuring   Developing lean, flexible structures to take business in entirely new directions. Nimble unblinkered organisations have the best chance of success in a changing world
  Goal 2010   By working together as never before Bidvest will achieve its five-year goal of doubling our size by 2010. New performance   benchmarks can then be set as we pursue our long-term vision on continually enhanced shareholder value