We are firm believers in the sustainable future growth and development of South Africa and we continue to seek opportunities for expansion to ensure that we create value where our roots are embedded.

Bidvest has a diversified and enviable blend of defensive, cyclical and growth assets, which are intentionally large with a level of market-leading status across the South African business spectrum. As one of the largest employers in the country, and as a Group that by nature, covers virtually all industry sectors, it is our prerogative to ensure that we contribute to the success of our nation.

We use the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guideline. The SDGs provide a comprehensive definition of sustainability, ranging from good health and well-being, affordable and clean energy and climate action to quality education, peace, justice and strong institutions. We identified the issues that are relevant to us and assess the impact we are making, through our basket of services and goods as well as our operations and corporate citizenship activities.

We are committed to a cause that extends beyond financial profits.

Despite a decentralised operating model, we have a unified understanding throughout the Group of what needs to be achieved to ensure ongoing success. We acknowledge a duty to share the value we create and, by so doing, meet the responsibilities we have to contribute to economic and social development and give back to our people and our planet.

Conducting business in a sustainable manner is therefore integrated into our day-to-day activities. Given the decentralised and varied nature of the businesses, sustainability is managed at business level. From a Group perspective, we identified a set of material issues that are common throughout our businesses.

Some day-to-day contributions:

All the proceeds from our recycled 20l bottles are donated to Ratang Bana, an Alexandra based charity.

Bidvest McCarthy
Recipient of an accredited yearly Gold award for oil recycling.

Clear roof sheeting in our factory allows us to keep the lights off, saving electricity in the process.

Home of Living Brands
Launched ‘eco’ products designed to be energy efficient, and sustainably recycled unusable IT spares (approximately 3 tonnes per month).

Through a supplier, Tholangkhutso Trading & Project, Interbrand donated office equipment and provided skills training.

Academy Brushware
Introduced Waste Tech at two of our sites. Fleet vehicles are washed at high pressure, reducing water usage.

The Yamaha Music Popularization Programme, focusing on the recorder, is in its 4th year. This initiative has reached 12 schools across the country.

Supports Wot-If, a Diepsloot-based organisation that connects participants to sustainable income opportunities.

Bidvest Tank Terminals
Over 1 700 training interventions were completed in the container class, ensuring the highest safety standards.

Konica Minolta
A partnership with Food & Trees for Africa ensured 46 001 trees have been planted. Konica Minolta also held a Gold Level Recognition EcoVadis Sustainability Rating for three years running.

Bidvest Laundry Group
Through investment in a membrane bio reactor plant, we have managed to save water usage by 83%.

Automotive Division
Fully compliant with the South African Waste Information System, a data-driven waste management system used by government and industry.

Minimising dust emissions through various methods. The site is now a more pleasant working environment.

Supply alternative residential energy solutions which significantly reduce energy consumption from the national grid.


Drive positive social change

We are involved in community development that enhances
education, health, economic upliftment and diversity. Investing in
communities and human capital, affords us the opportunity to operate,
do business in and draw skills from the communities in which we operate.
We constantly look for ways to disrupt ourselves and the industries in which
we operate via technology and innovation. For example, we acquired UAV and
Drone Solutions to take advantage of technological developments in the world of
Unmanned Airborne Systems.

R133m Enterprise and Supplier development spend, mostly    in the form of operational assistance, loans and grants, on       programs that vary according to the nature of the          business and their supply chain requirements

Total socio-economic development spend R40m with    52% going towards education, 37% towards health       and welfare

A Group-wide ethics line is functional and    managed actively

R68m spend on sports development

Employees adhere to a Code of Ethics

Caring for the Bidvest family and many others

We aim to provide a safe and healthy workplace with equal opportunities
conducive to learning and personal development. We want our
employees to be proud Bidvest ambassadors. Operationally we
promote and offer out-of-home hygiene services and integrated
facilities management services that promote decent work

      45% of employees are female. 40%of     executive directors are women, which include the appointed CEO-designate

Skills development spend R440m

  Half of learnerships were issued to unemployed learners

867 learners employed subsequently

  Regrettably, 4 fatalities of which 3 were due to motor vehicle accidents

Doing business in an environmentally friendly manner

We focus on energy and water efficiency, responsible waste management and offering
innovative solutions to aid customer sustainability. In FY20 we will continue our initiatives to
improve water use, and accelerate renewable energy installations. The establishment of our
R1bn LPG storage terminal in Richards Bay will facilitate reliable availability of an affordable low-
carbon energy alternative.

Scope 1 CO2 emissions have decreased    consistently

Electricity provided by renewable    resources increased by 28%

30% less water used over the    past 5 years

5 260 tons of hazardous    waste recycled