Salient features

  • A robust trading result before investment income, up 7,5%
  • Bidvest South Africa recorded commendable increases in trading profits despite challenging economic conditions
  • Basic earnings per share up 39,6% to 587,4 cents
  • Headline earnings increased by 5,6% to R1,7 billion HEPS increased by 4,4% to 510,3 cents
  • Strong balance sheet maintained and solid operating cash generation, up 30,1%
  • Interim dividend declared of 227 cents per share

Bidvest is a leading trading, distribution and services group, operating through seven divisions: Services, Freight, Automotive, Office and Print, Commercial Products, Financial Services and Electrical. The Group owns 52% of Bidvest Namibia and a significant Bidvest occupied property portfolio. Bidvest continues to hold investments in Adcock Ingram (38,4%), Comair (27,2%), Cullinan Holdings (19,5%) and Mumbai Airport (6,75%), as well as other listed and unlisted investments.

  • revenue
  • trading-profit
  • revenue up to R36,0 billion
  • Trading profit up to R2,8 billion
  • Headline earnings per share up to 510,3 cents
  • Distribution per share down to 227 cents
  • EBITDA up to R3,63 billion
  • Cash generated by operations up to R1,8 billion